Liverpool F.C v Manchester United F.C 1977 FA Cup Final....After Dinner

When it comes to a rivalry as old and storied as the one between Liverpool and Manchester United, there aren’t a whole lot of “firsts” left. This rivalry has just about seen it all in the years since their first meeting in 1894, back when United was still Newton Heath. Yet occasionally these two institutions of English football venture into uncharted waters. For a long time the enmity between Liverpool and United was mostly confined to league play, only occasionally meeting in the Cup. It took 83 years before they would meet in a Cup Final. And when they did, it was something to behold.
Liverpool had already secured the First Division title while United had slumped to a disappointing sixth place finish. The Reds also had the European Cup Final four days later in Rome against Borussia Mönchengladbach. Liverpool came out of the tunnel salivating at the possibility of becoming the first English club to win the treble.

United mostly just wanted to shut Liverpool up.

Thursday 8th February 2018 @ Bentley Hotel in Lincoln will be the venue for the Lincoln Sportsman’s Club dinner.

Their guest speakers will be former Liverpool player Phil Neal and former Manchester United player Sammy Mclroy. Both who played in this memorial match and I am sure will have some interesting stories to share.